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Value of a TPA 


Before we do anything, we get to know you. You’ll receive a complete analysis of your existing retirement plan and we take the time to uncover important details about your business such as:
  • What are your unique goals and objectives?
  • What are the demographics and education level of your employee base?
  • Do you want your retirement plan to serve as a tool for retention and attracting top talent?
  • What does a successful retirement plan look like for you? 
There are many discussion topics we’ll walk through together to fully understand your current plan objectives and landscape. 
Value of a TPA


Laying the right path for your retirement plan begins and ends with your onboarding and plan design.
When you use the services of a TPA, we help you through the process of getting your plan properly set up and installed with your record-keeper of choice.
During the installation phase, we gain intimate knowledge of your plan, work with your prior plan provider to verify the smooth transition of documents and oversee the mapping of your participants’ assets into investment choices.
Why partner with CWM?


Solve business owners’ tax problems

Create a smoother retirement plan experience

Respond accurately to timely questions

Innovative ideas to maximize employer plan goals

Immediate support to your retirement plan administrative questions

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Plan Design
CWM never offers our clients cookie-cutter plans or one-size-fits-all service. In order for us to customize your perfect retirement plan, we’ll spend the majority of time establishing the very best plan design that suits your needs.

We’ll analyze:
  • •    The eligibility requirements that may be appropriate for your plan relative to your employee base.
  • •    Matching contribution scenarios based on your highly-paid employees.
  • •    What your vesting schedule should look like given employee turnover.
  • •    Whether or not your plan should allow loans and other types of withdrawals.
  • •    Tax implications for the owners of the business.
  • •    And many other elements

In addition, you’ll receive a single point of contact and personalized service on all plan-related issues.
How can CWM Retirement Plan Services help our retirement plan?
  1. Before we do anything, we get to know you.
  2. Custom plan design.
  3. Maximize efficiency and accuracy of your company's retirement plan.

We help you set up the retirement plan that makes the most sense for your growing company.

The goal of your retirement plan is to encourage your employees to save for their retirement, while meeting your company objectives. Once your plan is installed and customized, our job is to ensure your plan is maximized and always meeting your expectations.
We do this in a number of ways and contribute the following services to keep you on course:
  • Conduct annual compliance testing of your plan so your most valuable employees are able to contribute the maximum amount towards retirement.
  • Keep you aware of legislative changes that may affect your plan and proactively consult with you should we feel a change or amendment to your plan needs to be made.
  • Help you process payroll, a very important function for your retirement plan, and help alleviate burdens associated with this process.
  • Help your employees enrolled in your plan so you can leave the ongoing plan maintenance to us.
  • Partner with your financial advisor so you can rest assured all parties are in sync and performing at an optimum level for you.
We realize you have a business to run and though this optimization, customization, and maximization process, you’ll have the freedom to do just that. You’ll never have to worry about the efficiency, accuracy, and compliance of your plan. 
Value of a TPA


We understand where your plan is today and make recommendations

that will improve the efficiency of your plan design tomorrow.  Contact us today!

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