Why should you offer a retirement plan?


of Americans DO NOT have access to a 401(k) plan.


10+ States

have enacted requirements that employers must offer a workplace retirement plan.


When employees have access to a plan, they are 70%
more likely to save for their retirement future.


What is the CWM(k)?

A low cost, easy to use, simple to manage, retirement plan.

Why Partner with CWM?

As a business owner, offering your employees a retirement plan shouldn’t be another full-time job. An employee benefit should be just that - a benefit - one that you and your employees get the opportunity to enjoy.​

At CWM Retirement Plan Services, we have worked with small business owners for over nearly decades and listened to their concerns, wants, and needs. That is why we created the CWM(k). It is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines administration and recordkeeping.

Dedicated Support

We strive to remove the stress of managing a 401(k) plan. Retirement plans are complex and traditionally involve many different companies in
their day-to-day operations. By partnering with CWM Retirement Plan Services, you work with the same team of dedicated professionals for recordkeeping and administration services.

Administrative Ease

Our integrated administration services make it easy to implement plan changes – sometimes as quickly as a one-day turnaround. CWM seamlessly coordinates and handles the administrative responsibilities of your plan with timeliness and accuracy. This reduces the back and forth stress and wasted time previously needed to make changes.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in straightforward and honest pricing. The recordkeeping cost is simply calculated based on total number of participants. 


This keeps plan costs proportional to the growth of your business.

Open Architecture

The open architecture platform offers access to most major fund families. To help keep your overall plan expenses in check, the investment options selected are usually Institutional share classes – which are typically the lowest cost.

For investors looking for more investment choice, there is an option to add a self-directed brokerage account window. This helps investors gain access to investment choices outside of the core fund lineup.

  • Access to most major fund families

  • Institutional share class menu

  • Self-directed brokerage window available


From annual filings to participant loans to distribution requests, it’s beneficial to choose a partner with a strong record of keeping track of all retirement plan activities. This is why we created the CWM(k) and partnered with one of the industry's largest 401(k) custodians - Charles Schwab.

  • Partnership with one of the largest custodians, Charles Schwab

  • User-friendly employee website​​

  • Dedicated online employer portal

Easy online portal

Quick Upload

Uploading contributions can take as little as 2 minutes

Smart Configuration

Three easy-to-use options

Early Access 

Going out of town? Upload contributions early and enjoy your vacation. 

If you're looking for dedicated support, administrative ease

and transparent pricing, the CWM(k)  could be right for you!

Contact us today for more information!


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