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Three Common TPA Questions
  1. What is the difference between bundled and unbundled?
  2. Do advisors and TPAs provide the same services?
  3. Do TPAs only work with small plans
Plan Sponsor Topic 1

Bundled vs Unbundled TPA

To start, it’s important that you understand the difference between a bundled retirement plan and a local TPA (unbundled) retirement plan.
A bundled plan is one in which no TPA relationship exists and the record-keeper usually handles all the associated plan administration for your plan. An unbundled plan is one in which a TPA is retained to act as your administrative arm and removes this duty from your record-keeper.
The fact is, CWM is just as cost-effective, if not more so, than any bundled retirement plan provider. In addition, we deliver exceptional service and are able to consult with you at a moment’s notice to discuss your retirement plan needs.
Plan Sponsor Topic 3

TPAs Only Work with

Small Retirement Plans

For plans between $25 million and $50 million, TPAs administer and control 56% of the assets. In addition, for plans between $50 million and $100 million, TPAs administer and control 40% of the assets. What this means for you as a plan sponsor is that as your retirement plan grows, becomes more sophisticated, and your needs change - we’re able to grow and expand right by your side. CWM has the scale to service both small and very large retirement plans.
At CWM Retirement Plan Services, we are your partner and handle all of your administration, compliance, consultation, and creates a smoother retirement plan experience.
*Cerulli 2014 Special Report: State of DCIO, The Emerging Role of the Specialist Advisors 401(k) Assets.
Plan Sponsor Topic 2

TPAs Offer the Same

Services as an Advisor

TPAs not only partner with your financial advisor, but supply services not supplied by them. We manage everything from your plan design and compliance testing, to plan amendments and government filings.
Your financial advisor will advise you on such service items as your plan’s investment selections, and give a thorough review on investment performance, among others.
Why partner with CWM?


Solve business owners’ tax problems

Create a smoother retirement plan experience

Respond accurately to timely questions

Innovative thinkers to maximize employer plan goals

Immediate support to your retirement plan administrative questions

Set up the retirement plan that makes the most sense for your growing company

We understand where your plan is today and make recommendations

that will improve the efficiency of your plan design tomorrow.  Contact us today!

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