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Operating a business requires turning all the gears in the right direction to create business growth momentum. Also, it takes a lot of thrust to achieve optimal performance, which is why we want to help you solve one of your largest obstacles - taxes. 

Your Trusted 401(k)
Administrative Partner

Solving business owners’ tax problems
and creating a smoother retirement plan experience

At CWM Retirement Plan Services, we begin by moving in the same direction. This starts with gathering information on your current retirement plan so that we can understand where your plan is today and make recommendations that will improve the efficiency of your plan design tomorrow.

Now that we have the pertinent information needed to review your plan, it’s time to develop an aligned strategy. As a your trusted TPA, we take the time to walk through custom plan design illustrations, so you know exactly why we are making specific recommendations. Our goal is to develop an effective plan design to match your company's retirement plan goals. 

To create the optimal plan design, you will need to answer three questions: 
      How much do you want to put away for your retirement?
      How much are you willing to contribute on behalf of your employees?
      How much do you want to put away for your retirement?
From here, we will create a custom plan design report that presents your options and aims to maximize outcomes. 

What is a TPA?

Retirement Plan Administration

Retirement plan benefits can be very important elements of your benefit package and a key to attracting and retaining your most important asset, your employees. Our team assists employers in all matters relating to Qualified Retirement Plans. We will provide you with all of the services necessary for the design, implementation and ongoing administration of 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing and Money Purchase Plans.
Our goal is to assist you in operating your plan in a manner that delivers the right retirement benefit to your employees, complies with all regulatory requirements, and communicates plan benefits to you and your employees in language that is easy to understand.
The result will be a plan that delivers the correct benefit that meets the employers’ objectives, operates on a cost and tax efficient basis, and contributes to your business’ success.

Retirement Plan Administrative Services

We provide plan administrative services including:

  • Assistance with daily plan administration

  • Form 5500 filings

  • Retirement plan selection and design

  • Expert advice on operating your plan most effectively

  • Preparation of plan, summary plan description and trust documents

  • Recordkeeping

  • Participant correspondence

  • Employee meetings

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Plan terminations

  • Plan audit representation

  • Loan processing

  • Cross testing, new comparability and age-weighted allocations

  • 401(k) discrimination testing

  • Distribution processing

  • Compliance and Coverage Testing

TPA Services

When you partner with a firm that truly enjoys mastering the ins-and-outs of the IRS tax code and ERISA, you benefit by offering a retirement plan that is custom tailored to your company’s specific needs. 

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